Enhancing Patients’ Lives

We reduce patients’ pain, increase their mobility, and build their self confidence to lead more productive lives. And we work closely with them through every step of our innovative process.

Meet the PhysioFitness Team:

The PhysioFitness Difference

The unique PhysioFitness approach starts with determining the root cause of a patient’s discomfort. Our evidence-based concept enables us to develop an individualized treatment plan to address the patient’s specific needs.

PhysioFitness provides a highly effective, evidence-based approach to pain reduction and improved functional mobility (everyday movement). Studies have shown that traditional, boring, technique-driven (internal focus) therapy is inferior to our innovative, fun, external focus therapy. (Internal focus therapy says, “Move your arms like this.” External focus therapy says, “Throw this ball through that hoop.”) Altering the client/patient’s focus of attention to something fun that doesn’t feel like therapy, such as a game, enables us to offer superior treatment.

Unique Results

Using the same equipment as Navy SEALs and elite athletes, our patients are able to achieve results that are unattainable elsewhere. Helping our patients attain a better physical and mental state empowers them to return to a more normal life. Our therapeutic exergaming facility enables us to provide one-of-a-kind therapy that can only be found at PhysioFitness.

We Make Therapy Fun

PhysioFitness never abandons patients to trudge through a boring, old-fashioned exercise regimen on their own. We provide fun, hands-on, personalized attention from a highly trained therapist to achieve improved mobility, health and performance. We work closely with our patients through every step of our unique and innovative process.

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