The American College of Physicians announced findings from a new study showing opioids aren’t the best solution for fixing back pain. Today, lower back pain is one of the most common reasons for patients to visit a doctor’s offices. The study reports that approximately one quarter of U.S. adults reported having low back pain in the past three months. However, a prescription is not the best solution. This new study explains how opioid use, among other pharmaceutical treatments, is ultimately ineffective in eliminating back pain.

According to the study, evidence shows that short-term opioid use increases nausea, dizziness, constipation, somnolence and dry mouth. Many professionals recommend looking beyond the pharmacy counter to solve these pain related issues and turning to exercise and alternative solutions for long-term pain relief.

Dutch-trained Physical Therapist Jan Dommerholt has been challenging opioid usage for many years. He says, “In the United States, there is an overuse of opioids to treat back pain. At PhysioFitness, we developed a way to treat back pain without the need to take many different medications such as opioids.

Dommerholt has patients visiting his Maryland-based offices from all over the world after multiple failed surgeries, alternative treatments and medicine prescriptions. While opioids can provide a fast fix, Dommerholt’s method in treating back pain can actually free people from chronic back pain and restricted movement.

At PhysioFitness, we look at the patient from a more functional, physical therapy perspective. Rather, Dommerholt takes a more comprehensive approach because he knows that every patient is different. Dommerholt and his staff start by determining the root cause of each patient’s discomfort. They take many different factors into consideration including posture, what type of chair they use at work, their everyday daily habits that could play a role in causing the pain.

There are many ways in which PhysioFitness stands out among its competitors. Jan Dommerholt taught the first dry needling courses in the United States. Instead of traditional PT regimen, our highly trained therapists treat patients through dry-needling and through game like exercises and provide a long term plan for relieving the patient’s pain.  From the way the staff identifies and assesses the reasons for a patient’s discomfort, to the tailored solution designed for each patient, the whole experience is personalized.

If you or someone you know is suffering from chronic pain and other methods of treatment have not been effective, contact PhysioFitness for your first consultation.