Dr. Michelle Habib graduated from the University of St. Augustine for  Health Sciences (USA) with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  The USA uses a manual therapy based physical therapy program which fits nicely with the focus of  PhysioFitness! She has worked in both hospital settings and outpatient facilities gathering experience in rehabilitation at all levels of healing.

Michelle works with a variety of patients but focuses predominantly on patients with orthopedic impairments, chronic pain, headaches, hypermobility syndromes such as Ehlers Danlos, and spinal disorders using a holistic approach and manual mobilization techniques. Michelle enjoys learning and has continued to grow in her skill set through education in visceral manipulations, dry needling, exergaming, and lumbo-pelvic disorders.

Michelle utilizes a hands-on approach to address her patients’ musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction combined with  pain science education and exercise. The goal is to return to be able to participate in functional and recreational activities. She enjoys traveling abroad, hiking, reading, and gathering people together for festivities. She takes courses in philosophy and theology in her spare time and returns home to sunny Florida to spend time with her family throughout the year.