Dry Needling is in! Men’s Health Magazine explains how dry needling can help those suffering from pain. Dry needling has become a proven method for healing many types of chronic pain.

Men’s Health compiled a list of ten different problem areas in which dry needling has alleviated pain. The list includes lower back pain, chronic tension headaches, neck aches, post-op pain, rotator cuff injury, jaw pain, hip pain, upper back pain, stroke rehab, and heel pain.

Dry needling works directly on the painful points in muscles, unlike acupuncture, which is known for manipulating the flow of energy to promote healing. Treatment helps improve pain, disability, and sensitivity to pressure in those who have chronic low back pain.

While not all physical therapists are trained in administering dry needling. At PhysioFitness, our CEO and Dutch-trained Physical Therapist Dr. Jan Dommerholt made significant contributions in introducing and promoting the practice of trigger-point dry needling to the physical therapy profession in the United States.

Patients all over the country turn to PhysioFitness after trying countless failed therapies and treatments. Our highly-trained physical therapists have advanced credentials in the technique of dry needling. Not only do we use the technique in our clinics, we also teach dry needling courses throughout the USA and abroad through Myopain Seminars.

Prior to dry needling, patients are given a detailed and specific muscle examination, which allows us to determine the best plan for alleviating each patient’s pain. Dry needling is part of our approach in helping patients achieve pain-free movement. Through our innovative combination of physical therapy and fitness training techniques, plus our one-of-a-kind facility, PhysioFitness enables patients to have less pain and increase their balance, muscle control, kinesthetic awareness, flexibility, mobility, and function in everyday tasks.

If you or someone you know is suffering from chronic pain and other methods of treatment have not been effective, contact PhysioFitness to learn more about